I left Facebook some years ago, for a variety of reasons, the primary one being it was not so good for my mental health.

With so much vitriol, divisiveness and the inability for so many people to confront lies, apply logic, feel compassion and call truth to power, I needed to get gone.

I lost a great many friends, aquantinces and people I “kinda knew”, after I found out I knew none of them particularly well.

It was a cleansing of sorts, and one that I am ultimately thankful for.

The platform became too toxic for me, the interactions increasingly hostile no matter how hard I attempted to tamp down the rhetoric and vitriol and engage people with reason, truth and logic.

It is now abundantly clear to me at least, that those virtues are not held in high regard by a great many people.
I intentionally or by virtue of the other persons decisions lost quite a few “friends” that I thought possessed some form of ethics, logic, reason and or sanity.

This was never about idealogical differences for me.

I adhere to a fairly strict code of live and let live.

For me, if you are not hurting others, especially children and animals, I care not who you worship, vote for, have sex with or protest for or against.

I did still want to share my experiences with my friends and family, and anyone else who loves traveling.

In addition, I hope to spread word about my other site.


I am also very open to any feedback, commentary and spirited discussion about everything I put on here.

I am in search of something and could use any help anyone may have, even if it is unintentional and occurs via a discussion or spirited debate.

My positions are fluid and open too modification. Whatever level of enlightenment I may currently have, is I am painfully aware wholly incomplete.

That being said, every person has something to offer every other person. One must just be a bit more receptive to a counter point. A contrarian, I am not.

Hence, I have created this website. I’ve never been one to shy away from controversial topics, so I will use this platform to not only inspire people to explore both this country and their minds, but to engage others in a more civil way.

With that said, thanks for visiting, and tell a friend if you like what you see here.

And maybe today, just do one nice thing for a stranger.

This site is still under construction so please excuse us if it looks unfinished or has mistakes in it.




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