Kent State University

December 22, 2019

So I stumbled onto this campus totally by accident.  I finished breakfast and as I left the restaurant, across the street was a library.  It was called Kent Library, I didnt make the connection initially.  The library was funded back in the day by Andrew Carnegie with a donation of $11,500 and an agreement with the local government that they would fund its use moving forward.  One of the things I seek out in each town or city I am in are libraries. I spend a few hours in each one, reading the local newspapers or publications,  looking around and just enjoying the peace and sometimes quiet.  This library opened in 1903 and it was quite grand.

So I left the library and saw signs for KENT STATE UNIVERSITY and my mind did the math!!


I wandered onto the campus and saw the Marching Band practicing.  That was super interesting to see how they synchronize all the moves with the music.  I have put up a couple quick videos.


I sat in the grandstands for an hour watching them, then decide I would explore the campus a bit.  Now up until this point, I had not made the connection to, although I knew of the events surrounding the killings that took place here.  When I saw a Memorial sign, it all dawned on me.  The gravity of the place I was now in became very, very evident.  As I walked around I saw the individual memorials of those who were killed and I went into a building they have set up as a larger memorial of the event and the what was going on in the USA and the world at that time.  The video presentation was powerful moving, but most of all disturbing.  These peaceful students were slaughtered, plain and simple.  Their killing had nothing to do with protesting and that becomes evident once you hear all the details of the story.

Something I stumbled on by accident, but one of the most poignant days of my travels.

It reinforces one of my travel sayings, which is that there is no getting lost and no need for directions, just explore.  Your GPS will always get you back home.

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